What Is the Cost of Painting A Commercial Building

What Is the Cost of Painting A Commercial Building?

You may be starting a new business, or even you already have one that’s running and business has been good lately. This has prompted you to look for other premises that can accommodate the needs of your business, and help you scale up.

Being the diligent business owner, of course you’ve already found premises to set your business up in. The thing is though, it needs some work done on it. A part of this work includes laying a fresh coat of paint around the building.

What you don’t know though, is on top of the cost of acquiring the space, how much will it cost you to put a fresh coat of paint on it. Well, here goes some things you should consider as you factor the cost.


How much paint will be needed?

Before even thinking about the types of paint you will need for that wall, you first have to determine how much paint you will need. For this, you first have to determine the area that will need a fresh coat of paint.

One thing you have to note is that the square footage of the building is not the best measure to use to determine how much paint you will need. That is the area of the floor, and you’re not painting the floor, but the walls.

You will need to measure the height and width of each individual wall and multiply to get the area. Once that’s done, add them to get the entire area of the walls.

Now it’s time to look at what paint manufacturers recommend. For most, a gallon of paint will cover 250 to 250 square feet. Depending on how much you square footage you want to paint, these numbers will give you an approximate number of gallons that you will need.


What of the labor costs?

Well, unless you decide to take on the work yourself, and maybe a few close friends and family, then you will have to hire help to help you with the fresh coat of paint. For this, a local contractor will pay a visit to your premises to help determine how much it will cost.

With today’s costs and other expenses like taxes, it’s not uncommon to have painting contractors charging anywhere from $50 to $80 per hour of work they put in.


Are there any repairs that need to be made?

You might be one of the lucky few that move into newly constructed premises that don’t need any repairs, but that’s a rare occurrence. For most, you will have to move into premises that have been in use for many years. These will usually have issues such as hairline cracks and other dents on the walls.

Throwing a fresh coat of paint over these cracks and dents does not solve the problems that they are likely to cause you in future. So, before painting, you will need to have the walls inspected to determine the extent of the issue. From there, you will then need to have a repairman fill in the cracks and dents or solve other issues before you paint.